When we received the artist previously known as Andre Letoit’s demo cassette in 1986, we were so charmed with it that we wanted to make our first record with him have the vibe of that cassette, but just up the quality in the studio. Judging by the popularity of the resulting “Ver van die ou Kalahari” album, we seem to have got that mostly right, but for a number of reasons, we’d always wanted to make the actual demo cassette available too. Firstly, for its historic significance, because if Andre hadn’t sent us that cassette, we would probably never have (through Andre) ended up hooking up with Johannes Kerkorrel, and there would also likely not have been a Voëlvry tour. Secondly, the demo is just such a disarming, original creation, with Andre’s intros to the songs, interspersed with snatches from local radio that come through from recordings he’d made previously on the same cassette. There are also a number of unreleased originals to be heard for the first time.

On Friday 6th November, that demo will be available to all Koos’ die-hard fans exclusively on Bandcamp, under their First Fridays deal, where the artist receives all the funds from the sale, with no deductions from middle persons, including us.