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The Cherry Faced Lurchers – The Otherwhite Album

The Otherwhite Album was originally recorded in ‘86/87 and was destined to the definitive South African rock album. Originally only ever released as an elusive cassette tape, the album was unearthed in 2020 during the worldwide Covid-19 lockdown and remixed by Lloyd Ross with input from Lee Edwards, Richard Frost, Mark Bennet, Steve Howells & Jannie van Tonder. 

Now, 34 years later, Shifty Records + Permanent Record are thrilled to share the resulting album with the world. The package contains extensive liner notes edited by Shaun de Waal with contributions by original ‘Lurchers’ and friends close to the project.

The vinyl album is housed in a gatefold sleeve with black inner sleeves. There are 3 package options:

  • Standard Edition pressed on 180g Black Vinyl (edition of 250) 
  • **** SOLD OUT **** Limited Edition pressed on 180g Baby Blue Vinyl (edition of 50) **** SOLD OUT ****
  • **** SOLD OUT **** Super Limited Edition pressed on 180g Baby Blue Vinyl (edition of 50). Includes a hand-numbered 3 colour Riso printed artwork of James Phillips. There are 2 different artworks and 25 prints of each that have been individually added to the Super Limited Edition package. Artworks were added randomly – there is no way of knowing which number or which artwork will be in the package. **** SOLD OUT ****


EU customers pre-orders are open via The Good Time Co.


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