Shifty on iTunes

A Naartjie In Our Sosatie - A Compilation of South African Rebel Rhythms - Various Artists

Wie Is Bernoldus Niemand? - Bernoldus Niemand

Corporal Punishment

Forces Favourites - 12 Songs by South Africans Supporting the End Conscription Campaign- Various Artists

Goema - The Genuines

Sound Future - Happy Ships

Illegal Gathering - Illegal Gathering

Isja - Isja

James Phillips - Made in South Africa

James Phillips - Soul Ou

Jennifer Ferguson - Hand aroiund your heart

Jennifer Ferguson - Untimely

Niemandsland and Beyond! - Koos Kombuis

Ver van Die ou Kalahari - Koos Kombuis

Live At Jameson's - The Cherry Faced Lurchers

The Lurchers - Sunny Skies

Mr. Mac & the Genuines - Mr. Mac & The Genuines

Sankomota - Sankomota

Shotdown - Resistance Music from Apartheid South Africa - Various Artists

Tananas - Tananas

Urban Creep - Tightroper

Bignity - Van der Want / Letcher

Voëlvry - Die Toer - Various Artists

Voëlvry - Afrikaanse Musiek Vir Vandag - Various Artists