CD: Various Artists - Forces Favourites

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This compilation was put together in the mid 80’s in conjunction with and to help raise awareness for the End Conscription Campaign. The ECC played an important role in dismantling apartheid by providing crucial emotional and strategic support to those men who rejected conscription on religious or political grounds, as well as acting as a conscientising force for the youth and parents.

01. Mapantsula - Pambere
02. Cherry Faced Lurchers ( feat: James Phillips ) - Shot Down
03. The Aeroplanes - National Madness
04. Stan James - Potential Mutiny
05. The Facts - Numbered Again
06. Kalahari Surfers - Don't Dance
07. The Softies - Whitey
08. In Simple English - Don't Believe
09. Nude Red - Too Much Resistance
10. Roger Lucey - Spaces Tell Stories
11. Jennifer Ferguson - Suburban Hum

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