Rian Malan

Describing Rian Malan as “the prophet of our times” and “a one-man cultural revolution” Koos Kombuis in a review on the online journal Litnet said the songs on this album were likely to force Afrikaners to “question everything we thought we knew about ourselves.”

Rian Malan’s works have been published in 14 languages. Literary figures ranging from Don de Lillo to John le Carre have described him as a writer of awesome power. He has worked as a farm labourer, ridden freight trains across America, created screenplays for Mel Brooks and Mick Jagger, served as a staff writer for Esquire and Rolling Stone magazines, and in recent years, generated controversy by questioning the accuracy of African Aids estimates and launching a crusade against the American owners of `The Lion Sleeps Tonight,’ a legendary pop song that originated in the brain of forgotten Zulu singer Solomon Linda.

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