The Kêrels (Gary Herselman)

A music journalist once said of the Kêrels: “The Kêrels, it seemed to me sprang to life fully-formed … no halfbaked strugglings for their own special sound or vibe. They were brilliant and complete from the beginning. They seemed to have absorbed so much, musically and to provide with its synthesis something entirely unique and totally original…. and has left in their wake a handful of fervent but ultimately unsatisfactory imitators.”

The Kêrels called themselves a ‘free peace band’ “wat in Engels en Afrikaans ge-rock ‘n roll het” – one of the features of intrigue that has surrounded bands such as Khaki Monitor, the Genuines, and KOOS.

This special brand of music – dubbed ‘potjiekos pop’ by the band – lent warmth and vitality to the Jo’burg music scene which left their audiences glowing. Their tasteful humour allowed them to comfortably interrupt a doo-wop melody with a burst of energy, to provide deliciously, deliriously danceable music.

Their sudden dissolution in the middle of 1988 left their mark (K) embossed on the minds of all who were lucky enough to see them.

Shifty Records were able to record them just before they broke up and the record represents The Kêrels at their best exciting, energetic, and fun.

Citrus Orange – bass
Crimple Green – drums
Methylated Purple – guitar and vocals

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