Resistance Music from Apartheid South Africa

“In the early 1980s, if you persevered, you could seek out marginal South African musicians playing politically subversive and musically innovative music in a few live venues in the major urban areas. Rarely were such musicians ever recorded by conservative record companies afraid to rock the apartheid boat. Into this void entered Shifty Records, a maverick indie record company co-founded by Lloyd Ross… this compilation celebrates both the resistance music of the featured musicians and Shifty’s role in capturing and preserving a vibrant and important part of South Africa’s history of cultural resistance.” Michael Drewett


01. Shot Down – Cherry-Faced Lurchers
02. Pambere -Mapantsula
03. Struggle – The Genuines
04. National Madness – The Aeroplanes
05. Treason – Lesego Rampolokeng with the Kalahari Surfers
06. Hou My Vas Korporaal – Illegal Gathering
07. International News – National Wake
08. Swart September – Koos Kombuis
09. Now is the Time – Mzwakhe Mbuli
10. Spaces Tell Stories – Roger Lucey
11. Sit Dit Af – Gereformeerde Blues Band
12. In Solitary Confinement – Vusi Mahlasela
13. Brain Damage – Corporal Punishment
14. June 16 – The K-Team
15. Suburban Hum – Jennifer Ferguson
16. Reasonable Men – Kalahari Surfers
17. Uhuru – Sankomota
18. Hlanganani – DTMB
19. War Is Declared – The Mamu Players
20. No Easy Walk to Freedom – Tighthead Fourie and the Loose Forwards