The mid-’80s was a rough time in RSA, but there was a partying audience out there, needing to dance. Winston and Adam were joined by Sipho Duma, a keyboard player steeped in the Zulu traditional Maskandi music tradition, trombonist Jannie Hanepoot van Tonder fresh from touring with the African Jazz Pioneers, and violinist Melissa James. After various rhythm section shake-ups, ex-Dynamics drummer Steve Howells came to liven things up, and the Jive Mixup soon became known as the liveliest act around town.

The music was a true cross-over, with the band-members from diverse backgrounds collaborating to explore mbaqanga, maskandi, jive and even a bit of boeremusiek thrown in. There were legendary tours including performances at Jameson’s and the Pool Club in Johannesburg, Indaba & the Mix in Cape Town, the Rainbow in Pinetown and CAW outside Durban. A gig with Jive Mixup was inevitably a 3-hour marathon with the audience trying to out-do the band, while the 3-piece trombone/sax/violin front-line showed off their semi-choreographed moves in between playing tightly arranged harmonies, with Winston’s haunting saxophone solos churning the major scale in a way that would make any blues-man proud.
– Jannie “Hanepoot” van Tonder

01. Frog Jive
02. Wait Awhile
03. 107
04. Pyp Dans
05. Table Mountain
06. T.P.Malone
07. End Jive
08. Opdra
09. Tomorrow
10. Pee Wee
11. Nokuda
12. Wedding Joy
13. Quickly
14. Great Arc

Released in September 1989.

Winston Nyaunda – Alto saxophone
Adam Fieinecke – Guitar
Sipho Shange – Keyboards
Reggie Mfega – Bass
Jannie van Tonder – Trombone
Steve Howells – Drums
Melissa James – Violin
Harvey Roberts – Tenor saxophone (on Wait Awhile & 107)
Cover photo by Steve Gordon