Music Documentaries

One of the most influential stalwarts of the Shifty Stable, James Phillips was a performer, composer and cultural pot stirrer who refused to compromise. James the Boptist, Bernoldus Niemand, Bartholomew Biased, ex-Private Willie Smit from De Aar… he used various musical incarnations to show that white musicians could sing about what was happening in their own backyards, in unashamedly South African accents, or even in Afrikaans, using mordant wit to poke at the belly of the apartheid beast.

The classic rock & roll road trip that the celebrated Voƫlvry Toer of 1989 became, is brought to life in this energetic feature length film through the use of rare live footage captured on the tour, plus contemporary reflections from the main characters. They were a band on the run, or to be precise, a band trying to escape a fate too ghastly to consider, in a Kombi too rancid to contemplate.