How you can help!

Calling all music-lovers – how you can support Shifty September

Further funds are needed to bring as many of the Shifty musicians not based in Johannesburg to participate in Shifty September, and at the SHIFTY HERITAGE MUSIC FESTIVAL: Viva la Différence! In Johannesburg on 24 September.

We’re also trying to raise much-needed funds to release a vinyl double album of the BEST OF SHIFTY, and produce a gorgeously subversive coffee table book showcasing the Shifty Story, and most importantly to remix and release James Phillips & the Lurchers’ The Other White Album in 2015 to mark 20 years since his tragic death in July 1995.

We’re asking all those music lovers out there to support us in different ways in the lead up to SHIFTY SEPTEMBER:


  • SUPPORT US ON THUNDAFUND There will be exciting limited edition packages of Shifty tracks – advance copies of brand new digital compilations, limited copies of albums on vinyl, postcards from the Shifty vault – available for supporters of Shifty September from 31 July 2014 on South African crowd-funding site THUNDAFUND. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT’S ON OFFER!


  • PAY SHIFTY TAX AT OPPIKOPPI Shifty September is proud to have the support of OPPIKOPPI in their 20th anniversary year. Revelers attending the OppiKoppi 20 Odyssey from 7 – 9 August 2014 can support the Shifty September programme by paying SHIFTY SIN TAX at the festival.What is SHIFTY SIN TAX, you ask? You can choose to donate to the Shifty cause every time you buy a drink at any of the OppiKoppi bars. All Shifty Tax Payers will then stand a chance of winning tickets to the SHIFTY HERITAGE MUSIC FESTIVAL: Viva la Différence! and other fabulous Shifty swag.


Oppikoppi supremo, Carel Hoffmann  had this to say:
“For me the entire Voëlvry movement was a time of wonder and amazement. We had just finished school and all of a sudden there were these guys out there directly opposing the old regime, and making no qualms about it. Most of it in Afrikaans. And they were young, strong and opinionated. I did not even know that you were allowed to think like that. All of a sudden there was this great sense of freedom, and hope. Best of all is it had a phenomenal sound track, which of course is where Shifty fits in. Without Shifty and the Voëlvry movement, I seriously doubt whether OppiKoppi would exist. That is where the seeds of libertarianism was sown”


  • SHIFTY UP YOUR HOME at a limited edition art sale at the Shifty September exhibition opening.


  • SPREAD THE WORD – To find out more about how you can support SHIFTY SEPTEMBER and SCORE SHIFTY SWAG, follow us on Twitter / Facebook


  • DONATE YOUR SHIFTY SWAG TO THE ARCHIVES SAHA is urgently looking for original Shifty Records and Voëlvry paraphernalia to add to the archive – t-shirts that bear the marks of too many late nights at Shifty haunts, crumpled flyers and dog- eared posters from gigs at the Black Sun that have been serving as bookmarks for the last 20 years, or even personal photographs from misspent Shifty youth at Jameson’s or on the road with Voëlvry or from anywhere for that matter – these are the real Shifty stories… Please contact SAHA ( to find out how you can add your story to the Shifty Archives.