I have been in recovery since the big party on 24th September. Well actually, it’s more like I retreated from the world in monastic meditation after a sort-of-like momentous religious experience. The truth is that Shifty September and the few months leading up to it was a hectically emotional rollercoaster, completely taking over my life for four months. I’ve got into the habit of describing the period as analogous of the way it was back in the Eighties: obsessive 18 hour days, 7 days a week and of course fugall income. But I was younger and less jaded then, my now three decades older body and mind being less able to regenerate. So, in typical Shifty fashion, while anyone with any business sense whatsoever would have been milking the marketing opportunities created by the September focus, Shifty pretty much closed shop.

But fear not, for there is life in the recently dusted-off Shifty archives yet. Though may we, music does not die, but continues to communicate whenever you choose to give it a spin. So we Shifters invite you to do some spinning and in the spirit of the Christmas Rash (a Warrick-ism), we have some specials to announce:

The 6 x Shifty September compilations, costing you absolutely nothing.

All you need do is enter your email and desire to pay $0.00. Musically eclectic, they are intended to give the listener a feel for the quality and diversity of the Shifty catalogue, each compilation with a specific mood or theme. They’re also intended to get you hooked onto an artist and want to go out and spend some moola on a full album, all of which are now available for download on the Bandcamp Shifty Records site. You can download them all at once, or as they are announced. The special lasts until Christmas, so get busy. You can also send the link to friends as presents:

Shifty BLUEcool, laid back ballads & oranje blanje blues;

Shifty LOVEheart rending tunes of attraction and rejection;

Shifty QUIRKYbizarre & eccentric rhythms & rhymes

Shifty POP radio friendly tunes to which radio wasn’t necessarily friendly;

Shifty PROTESTSa revolting soundtrack to a time of revolution;

Shifty ROCKSrocking the Botha into the briny depths.

With the launch of the Shifty Online Shop (for physical product) we announce 4 x limited edition Shifty 30 year commemorative releases packaged in various money saving packages:

  • SANKOMOTA – our first ever release, 30 whole years ago;
    WIE IS BERNOLDUS NIEMAND – the album that made Johannes Kerkorrel and Koos Kombuis want to sow musiekale sedisie;
    EET KREEF – the finest example of musiekale sedisie;
    KOOS KOMBUIS 2 CD set – Ver van die ou Kalahari & Niemandsland together in one convenient whole.

Visit our online store at