The HAPPY SHIPS was the last band that I was a fully-fledged member of before I gave up the glamour, bright lights, groupies and wheelbarrow loads full of money that defined the life of a gigging alternative musician in sleepy Cape Town in the early 80’s. What helped the Ships’ rake in even more cash was the fact that we were experimental and played only once a year.

As an early indication of how eclectic the Shifty catalogue was going to turn out, this album came out hot on the heels of Shifty’s first release, Sankomota. Listening to “Sound Future” after all these years makes me feel…kinda…proud. It still sounds fresh, full of fab ideas and whacky youthful vigor. Hey, but don’t take my word for it. Read the thoughts of Swami Hamish and Warrick Sony (…here…), give the album a wee preview and decide for yourself. Lloyd Ross

“Another reason for the successes was the mix of technology and anti-technology. We had several lovely old analogue synths at our disposal, plus effects pedals and drum machines. Then on top of all of this there were a battery of pots and pans and a plethora of kiddies toys. “Not so much Dada as Gaga” I recall one critic saying, which leads on to the final reason for our success……. in a word, ‘expectation’. With at least a year between performances, we were well marketed and anticipated so that people came there expecting a wild and unpredictable time. They got it!” Taken from a piece by Happy Ships band member Hamish Davidson

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